Choose the best Vibrating fleshlight for yourself: TOP 5 devices that will satisfy you!

Vibrating fleshlight is a male sex toy that is used both for pleasure and to increase sexual performance and endurance. It is especially relevant for guys who do not have regular sex with a partner, but whose sexual temperament is difficult to tame on their own.

Fleshlight is an ideal alternative to natural sexual satisfaction. It allows you to realize your fantasies and satisfy desires. Sensations during masturbation are as close to real as possible. Fleshlight can be used not only alone but also to become a bright accent in sexual doubles.

Do not forget that together with the fleshlight, it is necessary to use water-based lubricants.

Below you can find the top fleshlights and reviews of real buyers about them.


This fleshlight pleasure turns the idea of quality sex upside down! It turns out that you can now experience the full sensations of sex alone. For the manufacture of this, Fleshlight used the same sensual SuperSkin as for the classic model. The difference is that the instrument is equipped with all-encompassing vibrations. Stimulation occurs along the entire length of the penis.

Also, the fleshlight has a design as close as possible to the vagina of the girl. You will get a buzz from only one appearance before masturbation.


  • Gunmetal Vibro case
  • Touch texture sleeve
  • Lady orifice
  • Three bullets (batteries included)
  • One 10-pack of extra batteries
  • Instructions for use and care


Some people note the too high speed of fleshlight to which it is difficult to get used if before you never tried a vibro fleshlight.

«I just got dumped by a girl, and it was hard for me to deal with that. That thing really saved me! With her I experienced such a firework of emotions which are not felt with any woman. I would recommend this fleshlight to every guy who is hard to find a couple» (с) David


This toy can arrange a real earthquake in your bed! But you don’t have to be afraid, because you wanted it…

Fans of anal sex can rejoice! Now even if Your girl does not agree to anal, you will satisfy yourself without her participation. This fleshlight will help you to do it.

Key advantages

  • Super-sensitive skin as close as possible to the natural structure
  • Suction control
  • Soft, supple sleeve
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • The high-tech compact design of the fleshlight


  • Сan not be used with lubricants in a gel base

«I’m a gay man who has a hard time finding a partner. But the girls do not excite me, so I refused to contact them. To solve the problem of satisfying sexual desires, I bought this fleshlight. With him, my feelings have found a new height» (с) Daniel


This set with fleshlight contains everything you need for sensual masturbation – even lubricants with cooling and warming effect will always be at hand. Fleshlight is convenient because you will have sex at any time of the day or night, regardless of the presence of a partner. This toy has a beautiful design, at the sight of which you are immediately excited.

Elastic and soft skin provides the necessary level of elasticity and includes stimulation of the penis along the entire length. Careful! In contact with the fleshlight, you can experience an orgasm, which has never experienced in my life.


  • Gunmetal Vibro case
  • Touch texture sleeve
  • Lady orifice
  • 8oz. Fleshlube Fire
  • 8oz. Fleshlube Ice
  • Shower Mount
  • Three vibrating bullets (batteries included)
  • One 10-pack of extra batteries


  • The fleshlight can not be used with silicone lube

«I gave my husband this set with the fleshlight for his birthday. We love sexual game, but I often go on business trips. Now I’m calm when I’m not home, and he says he feels the same way he does when he’s having real sex» (с) Anna


It is versatile and most affordable in the price aspect of fleshlight. This toy is characterized by increased stimulation along the entire length of the penis, which is achieved due to the design features of the vibrator. Three pockets surround the entrance to the canal and the opening. They inserted three mini-vibrator, causing to vibrate the insert and the housing. Numerous strokes surround the shaft of the penis and gently massage not only its head but every millimetre of skin that can capture.


  • Subtle and gentle stimulation
  • Compact size
  • Affordable price



To stick the penis into the canal without any additional movement is unfortunately insufficient. You need to make mechanical efforts to get an orgasm.

If you use a fleshlight with bullets men with a thick penis will be challenging to enter the channel. We’ll have to remove them. Men with an average or small penis will experience the sensation of contact with a tight vagina.

«I like this model vibrating fleshlight, as it allows me to engage in both gentle and slow sex, so hard and dynamic. I can adjust the intensity of the suction, and it’s a buzz» (с) John


– Is it possible to use a fleshlight with no lubricant and moisten it with saliva?

– No, no. You risk damaging the upper epidermal membrane during friction.

– Сan the use of fleshlight cause allergies and irritation?

– Irritation isn’t always a result of allergies. The materials of which fleshlight is made are hypoallergenic. Irritation may occur due to infection on the skin. To prevent this – follow the rules of hygiene, which are listed in the instructions.

Сare and storage of your toy

Rule # 1. After each use, wash the fleshlight with warm water and soap. For some delicate and fastidious materials, it is necessary to purchase a special cleaning agent. This will be stated in the instructions to the fleshlight.

Rule # 2. Disinfect the fleshlight regularly. Pick up for this antiseptic that does not contain alcohol.

Rule # 3. Keep the fleshlight in its original packaging. As for storage, it is best to use the original packaging. If this is not possible, then you can store the toy in a dark place, without temperature changes and dust. It is also necessary to protect the fleshlight from cracks, breakages and deformations.

If there are breakdowns on the body of the fleshlight, it should be thrown away, since such “wounds” can become a source of bacterial reproduction.




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